Dear Students,
It will be an understatement to say that we are living in tough and challenging times. Change is the only constant in life, and any vibrant society or organization must embrace it to its advantage. Therefore, it is always in the organizations’ favorable interests to initiate the change from within. However, in some unfortunate conditions, when the change is thrust upon us, it is up to us to crib about it or adapt to the situation and come out victorious. I feel proud to be part of an unprecedented transformation that the world has undergone during the COVID 19 pandemic. Changes brought about in critical aspects of the teaching and learning process, be it in online admissions, classes, or examinations, have helped minimize the disruption in the students' academic objective and future plans. Incorporating many new technologies and pedagogies and methodologies while shedding several redundant practices has been one of the most significant plus for us during this worldwide crisis.

I welcome all the students who have taken admission to various courses offered at CD Institute of Fire and Security Management College which is an industry partner with IFE(India). I am happy that you have considered joining CD Institute of Fire & Security Management . We collectively aspire for academic excellence and holistic development of individuals into responsible members of society. I am sure that in the coming years we will provide you with an enriching experience and many self-development opportunities as part of this institution.

With best wishes,


Dear Students and Parents,
On behalf of the entire CD Institute of Fire & Security Management fraternity, I extend a very warm welcome to all of you to our College. This year due to the Covid 19 pandemic the normal, usual functioning of every individual and institution has been hampered. Nevertheless, I would like to assure you that at CD Institute of Fire & Security Management will continue to provide our students with innovative, in-depth and high-level learning.

CD Institute of Fire & Security Management as an industry partner with IFE(India) looks forward to optimize the potential of all who are a part of this institution. We prepare our students to confidently face the challenges of the highly competitive and complex modern world, we have sufficient career progression, and also nurture them to become responsible human beings who are able to effectively deliver the needs of a developing nation.

The College has highly qualified, trained and talented teaching faculty who encourage inter-disciplinary approaches catering to wholesome development in the teaching-learning process through innovative projects, conferences, seminars, talks and workshops. The teaching faculty adapts new pedagogies and methodologies and uses latest available technology for an effective implementation of the curriculum. CD Institute of Fire & Security Management campus has zero-tolerance for ragging, sexual harassment, smoking and indiscipline and ensures friendly, supportive and safe environment. The College has also initiated many steps for the benefit and support of differently-abled students.

I once again welcome you to the CD Institute of Fire & Security Management family. I hope you spend the most amazing and memorable years of your life in our College making bonds that will last for a lifetime.

All the Best!

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