Our trainers ensure that everything they do has a purpose tied to creating learning in your group or creating a climate and atmosphere that promotes learning. They work at establishing credibility with the team they deal with. Let's meet our esteemed trainers:

Shri. Narender Singh Malhan

Former station officer (DFS) with more than 37 years of progressively responsible experience in FIRE FIGHTING & RESCUE JOBS for the public service.

Jen Maroney

Shri. Sudhir Madhukar Rishi

Experience of more than 39 years in public service, he has been associated with Multiple projects at National and international level. Awarded Multiple awards for his commendable work in public services.

Sarah Robert

Shri. Dharamvir Singh Yadav

Former Divisional Officer (DFS) with an experience of over 35 years in public service. Have been awarded for his meritorious service in public domain.

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